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Items not respawning

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Yes I am experiencing the same issue since the latest patch. I was able to recycle the Dew Collectors I have and it started to work again. Then suddenly the mushrooms stopped spawning as well. So rebuilding them may temporary fix the issue but it will happen again. As I continued a few days with the "new" Dew Collector it stated to happen again. Let's partner up with submitting this bug so that the can try and do a hot fix ASAP.

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Same issue - I'm on PC.

Rebuilding a collector seems like a huge waste of resources - particularly since a number of those resources are not respawning and it does not fix the problem for more than a single use.

Couple that with dew drops not spawning, and I'm running into a major water problem. Fortunately, the lack of respawning mushrooms can be offset by killing more food, but the upshot is that hunting goes wrong sometimes and having to avoid combat because sap isn't respawning to make bandages from is getting old.

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