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I personally think a weather system would be nice. Like rain which could lead to floods and other things forcing you to higher ground, mini mini tornadoes, maybe even snow where you have to make warm armor to brave the cold. There could also be boats added for over water travel and maybe fish bosses that you could tackle which would be complimented by a underwater lake exploration maybe flippers scuba mask, ect those sorts of things. 

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I think that a venom debuff should be added that is a stackable poison proc but aptly named venom which is a replacer for the poison debuff applied by the spider fang dagger and venom arrows, this would allow for the spider dagger to be an upgrade to the larva dagger despite the spider dagger being harder to get, it just seems odd that a harder to get weapon is as weak as the weakest version of the easier to obtain option. This change would also be a better endgame option and allows for additional insects that will be added to have their defensive values much higher than spiders as you would have to utilize the various debuffs provided by these items to take down the harder foes.

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