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Xbox save issues

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Playing single player on xbox, but can't make it past the beginning of the game due to problems saving. Either it doesn't save at all or it saves incorrectly. I played for a several hours last night and was finally getting the hang of game play. Went to continue this morning and loaded the game with correct time stamp but it wasn't the correct save! It was a game I saved much earlier in the day that I didn't want to play anymore. All my saves from the newest game I wanted to continue are gone and now I have to start over for the fifth time. It's hard to experience the game and offer advice on anything other than this issue when I'm having to re-play the beginning each time. Please make the game saving problem a priority fix! I really like the concept of this game and think I'll love it once this issue is resolved. 

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I also have this issue when saving a multi player game. Our temp fix is to do a manual save before exiting then when reloading from the manual save and not the automatically generated "Exit" or "Quit" save. I am on Xbox so not sure if works on PC. So far this works without fail every time.

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