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My feedbacks and suggestions

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The game is great! I'm having a blast, awesome work, nicely done!!

Here some suggestions:

1) Block attack button should draw back the arrow from the bow

2) Resources tab under crafting should be listed alphabetically

3) Filter option to show Trail Markers on the map

4) Larva Blade is tier I, so it should show first in the Workbench Tools tab

Here some other things that would be great!

1) If we could create a dedicated server and have more than 4 people playing together

2) More character options, skins, clothes, etc.

3) Pets!

Besides that, I would like to suggest some changes to combat, so far you don't have much chance against spiders in melee combat, and is kind of forced to "cheese" the combat by jumping some place or bug the spider someplace where it can't pass.


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Hi o/
Very nice game, i enjoyed it a lot!

/!\ WARNING there may be some spoilers /!\

But, there is a lot of problems and bugs:

- need a french traduction

- when u change the keyboard settings, (because i am french and i have an azerty keyboard and not a qwerty) the left rotate button is always "Q" (for me, so azerty) even if i change it to "A", so pretty uncomfortable

- please, on the keyboard settings, let us change the button of reseting by default, and this one should ONLY change the settings of screen concerned, not aaaaaaaaaall settings !!!!!!!!! again it's a pain in the ass with an azerty keyboard

- improve the management of the sound settings, separate multi and solo games...

- improve the management of the saves please (like we should tick some or a lot of saves to delete, separate differents saves between single and multi AND difficulty

- we should be able to do the dailies quests and not switch to this "we are not alone" strange note, even if we do not take it.... cause i cannot raise my RS anymore, need to restart... and we can't go further there, so what's the point of making us do this quest? Ladybugs disappeared...

- we can go inside the haze's lab with glitches and with a loan-to


- tapes and notes respawn.... so u can have a lot of tapes.. scab too

- there is a lot of problems with the floor (collision) and monsters are stuck in rocks/grass/leaf and so we can reset agro from stepping to another level (wolf spider can kill us even if we are inside the oak lab / ants can take our stuff inside a chest even if they are not close of, even on the can near the oak tree, even on rock, even if the floor is far above them...)

- when we are on a spider net, we are stuck (ok) with the axe we can take some pieces of it but we are still stuck even if there is no more spider web...

- some recipes of smoothies do not work, we can see the components in creative mode, but when we try it in normal game, it does not work

- there is a daily quest with mosquitos, but where they are?

- sometimes there is a bug in inventory, it's said we are full but we can see 1 free slot. (there is something in, but we can't interact with) the only solution is to give up and to take back the bag. But if you try to make some transfer, items will be lost !!

- once, after exploring, i was going back to my base, but each time i tried to go back, game grashed, 11 times, at the 12th try, i made a new loan_to and after the night, i could go back to my base.

- the game crash often when load or save

- if we play with the skeletton, should we risk something?


I surely forgot some others, but that's all for now. Thank you :)

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