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Help triggering a Mutiny? - not working after hours of sailing

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This is a cross-post with Reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/i37c8j/help_triggering_a_mutiny_not_working_after_hours/

So, I've been sailing around for hours trying to trigger a mutiny. I get the same set of events over and over, and no mutiny. Here are the details:
1) I am at or below 11 morale. Usually 1 morale.
2) No food or drink or wages
3) I'm in the original Sloop, and I have 5 crew on board (I hear you have to be minimally crewed at least). I have tried moving them between positions.
4) I have tried some food, no food, pay, no pay.
5) The events I get regularly are: "sickness", "silverfish", "fist fights" and "cannibalism" but no mutiny! I get these events with such regularity that I feel like I must be doing something wrong.
6) I have not taken the Infamous Past Berath's Blessing
7) I'm in the mid-game. Did a bunch of quests on Neketaka, now around Level 11. First bout of extended sailing.

I'm playing on PotD, Deadfire 5.0. I have sailed back and forth for literally hours. I've been through dozens upon dozens of scripted events. Which leads me to believe there's some missing condition.

Help please?



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1 hour ago, Vandervecken said:

7) I'm in the mid-game. Did a bunch of quests on Neketaka, now around Level 11. First bout of extended sailing.

crazy idea - try advancing the main quest a bit? a lot of people hav ecompalined about random events in nekataka not triggering, but it turned out some of them are gated behind main quest progress - i had a long time of no events, advanced the main quest, and then suddenly had a bunch. mutiny seems like an odd thing to be gated behind story, but you never know


i got a mutiny once, but it was a while ago. unfortunately, due to regressions that popped up especially from 4.0->5.0 i would not be surprised if they broke mutiny as a mechanic and it's such an underexplored area no one noticed.

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2 minutes ago, Vandervecken said:

That's a super interesting idea. I haven't advanced the main story since arriving in Neketaka. I'll do it and report back. Any suggestion how far I should go? Finish Hasongo?

yeah. there is definitely stuff gated behind ashen maw as well, but at tha tpoint i would be extremely surprised if mutiny was gated behind that.

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