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CONSOLE inventory intuitiveness.

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I believe you guys are at a turning point in survival games. Grounded is amazing! I've followed it for months on multiple youtubers trial videos. You already have so many things right in this game! The thing that makes me upset in every survival game though is the lack of the developer even trying to make the inventory management intuitive for console users. I think the first developer to come up with the perfected formula for survival game inventory management for console will change everything!  I'm a console player, I have a one s. I know how crappy it is to buy a survival game and have it disappoint just because the inventory system was made primarily for PC.  Ark, dayz, 7 days to die, u name it.  Make the game better for console.  Console users are dying for a user friendly inventory system. Also another suggestion,  make burg.l cooler, make him float, I mean the guy who invented him can shrink people. Also lose the robots  annoying voice, make his dialog better, spend some time on that. Cuz it's annoying, especially when he stutters.  He's a robot, make him like short out for a second with a zap and some surge, like he has tretts syndrome. U guys can do waaay better with the robot,  also make it easier to understand what the RS points mean, be more straightforward without having to go through tutorials.  Just maybe drop a hint bubble if someone is struggling.  Idk, take it or leave it. Love the game either way! It's so fricken cool!! Good job, great idea!!!

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