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Investigate the machine not prompting to use.

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      When going to investigate the machine Ive touched every square inch of the place. When going the button i get no interaction option set to "e" checked the key binds, reloaded game. Nothing works so i am just going "FFA" ive become a savage of the backyard slaying all insects in my path....I have no home...i live on move constantly....my face goo stained and scarred from a close call early game where a spider walked right where you start the game and begun to kill me over and over....damn spawn-campers, every game has them...i will not take this as a bug because i am a great warrior sent down from the heavens to eradicate this backyard of evil...I used my 1million IQ to crouch under the briefcase slowly getting the spiders attention where i begun to pummel him with a stamped of these hands. After a very long intense battle...some say it was days some say it was minutes. That was the beginning of every life in jeopardy other than my own.


When you fix this bug send me a message and i will swiftly ride my tamed lady bug (Cheshire) into battle and press the forbidden button on the mysterious machine!

SoldmyRNG out.

also can spiders be afraid of torches? be easier for newcomers to not kill spiders but to stand a chance.

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