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I would like to see rain. Large powerful droplets that will hurt players and push them around. Forcing players to take cover Into the ground, or under rocks and leaves. Watch out for spiders 😉

I feel like it could work since fresh water already appears in small beads. And the warning emitter on ur SCA.b  could give you a timer (rain in 10m). 

This would make water easy to gather in periods.


cold nights and hot days. And status effects for both please.

Maybe I'm asking to much haha.



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Instead of normal weather events have these related to actual yard related type of activities such as watering of the lawn  where the sprinkler turns on occasionally. Not sure what else would make sense and not be too annoying in the game. Lawn mower came to mind but that could be a bit too much (knocking down buildings and such). But agree overall, weather always is nice to have in a survival game (although I usually always complain when it gets in the way of things I am trying to do, almost like real life though).

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