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General suggestions + Bug(haha) fixes

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Greetings all

I would just like to begin by saying how much I've enjoyed this game. Base-building games are some of my favourites and I'm glad Obsidian has given us their take on this genre. On to the matter of discussion, I would like to suggest some ideas for improvement and bugs(haha) that I've picked up on during my sessions. I'll try my best not to repeat suggestions that I may have already seen on this forum.


  • Items like grass planks and weed stems tend to disappear into the ground upon placing them down.
  • Certain enemies like stinkbugs and bombardier beetles get frozen in place during combat, which leads to a rather dull, one-sided fight.


  • A method to purify water would be very useful since there seem to be more dirty water deposits readily available than clean water.
  • The inventory system needs some adjusting. There should be dedicated slots for tools/gear that the player wishes to equip, that do not take up space in the backpack.¬†
  • If players wish to build multiple bases then they should have the option to copy the design of a structure that's already been built and paste it elsewhere. This will save some time since players will only need to find resources instead of placing another design, if they do not wish to do so.
  • Tough enemies need balancing, this is not to say they should necessarily be made easy, but fair. Currently, the arachnids/insects that deal status effect damage on top of physical damage, like the wolf spider and bombardier beetle, are a pain to fight. This could be addressed by allowing the player to craft things that can counter them, like an antidote for venom or armor-piercing arrows for the spongey ladybug.
  • It also feels a little unfair that enemies retreat when you start shooting arrows at them, and like a second later they retaliate with full HP. This makes ranged battles against tough insects very tedious because the only way to win is to hope that the enemy glitches and you can then unleash a one-sided beat down. There needs to be a longer window between the moment they retreat and the moment they start recovering HP, allowing the player to finish the job.
  • We need more armour/weapon types that can combat tough enemies and just an overall increased effectiveness of the types that are available. Wolf spiders and ladybugs just feel so overpowered. Even when using the best armour/weapons currently in the game, you go down in two hits if you do a 1v1 against them.
  • There should also be a means of upgrading tools/weapons/structures which will add to the only option that's currently available of having to find resources and craft a whole new set of items.
  • The bow could be more effective. There should be separate keys for aiming it and shooting it, rather than a single action button. Seems kind of pointless that you can throw a bow at your enemy but have to use a single button to aim and shoot. It needs to have more range and perhaps deplete your stamina if aimed for long, but will allow for more precise and weighty shots.
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It really feels like the enemies need a rebalnce for solo mode, in multi player you can have someone closer focus on keeping enemies agrroed while the other fires arrows ect also 4 players could realiticlly down orb weavers bombardiers ect fast enough they their high damage outputs won't be as terrible but alone you are at such a huge disadvantage, because you have 1/4th the damage and 1/4th the hp the enemies feel liek they were designed for,

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