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Misc Bugs and Glitches

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• Waiting until the last minute to activate your Dandelion Tuff from a long fall will sometimes clip you through the ground.
• Sometimes chopping grass or clover will result in 1-3 Grass Planks or Clover Leaves falling through the ground.
• Bugs/Mobs cannot swim.
• Anything that lands in water deep enough to swim in is inaccessible. (AE: Berries, Grass Planks, Weed Stems, Quartzite Deposits.)
• Spiders and Larva get stuck on Grass Stairs, Grass Roof, or any other sloped structure.
• Larva spawning can sometimes break, causing a lot of Larva to be present.
• If Dandelion Tuff breaks while in use, player will be stuck in 3rd-Person. (Can be toggled out of though.)
• Sometimes Trail Markers disappear. (Can be toggled out of though.)
• Burg-L Disappears after loading healthbar and leaving. (Typically through damage)
• Mobs can spawn under rocks. (Mostly in Pond area, Stepping Stone Summit, and The Haze.)
• Mobs can clip through Grass Walls, other structures, and sometimes environmental models such as rocks, Lab entrances, and tree roots.
• Mobs can see through Grass Walls, and sometimes environmental models such as rocks, Lab walls, and tree roots.
• Standing on a berry and breaking it will cause you to float until you move.
• Dandelion Tuff objects will sometimes never land on ground, causing physics and audio glitches.
• Ants can attack Baskets of food that they can't actually reach.
• Ants can glitch and sometimes wont stop attacking a food Basket, even if it is empty.
• Spiders can get stuck on each other trying to get pass one another.
• Juice droplets for Juice Boxes will sometimes glitch with combining or max entities.
• Burg-L Missions for killing Mosquitoes and Honey Bees are given despite neither mob being in the game yet.
• Crouching while on terrain that forces the character to crouch will make the character's legs go up through their chest.

• Clients (Players 2-4) cannot use Stations while crouched.
• Clients cannot see dropped Berries.
• Clients will sometimes get stuck in Lean-To, or fall through the ground.
• Sometimes revive gets cancelled.
• Clients will sometimes dupe items when joining/leaving, and then later be reverted to empty inventory.
• Sometimes when a Client joins, you dupe/gain Raw Science. (Went from 2k RS to 25k! Bought all 8 upgrades.)

• Players who die in the Haze won't be able to get to their backpack. (Maybe a safe point to drop player Backpack? So its not deep in an Ant Hill or in pesticides?)
• Mint Chunks do not respawn.
• Slime Mold Sconces float even after their backwall is destroyed.
• Spider Fang Dagger is terrible despite its cost. (Less-costly Larva Blade surpasses it?)
• You can build on the Picnic Table.
• Equipped Items use inventory space.
• No icon or indication of Smoothie Buffs.


May update as more is discovered.

Pls hire me for a Game Tester position!

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