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Great game but there are a few bugs

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Im not sure if my feedback sent before i made my account so im going to post it again just in case.

Ok so me and my freind have been playing through the game and so far we have really enjoyed the game, although there are a few small bugs that we have found that i feel should be fixed, plus i have some suggestions that might help the games growth.

Ok so the first problem we have had is when we go to harvest berries, the berries arent in the same place for both of us so we cant both harvest the berries. Its not a massive issue but it is an issue because we cant both harvest the berries, only one of us can.

The second issue we have had is that when we were fighting a wolf spider, we got killed through a wall.

Other than this, we have not really seen many bugs, but we will keep you posted on our experiences.

Next are a couple of suggestions that i feel would make the experience a bit better:

The first thing i feel, is that on normal mode, the hunger and thirst goes down a little too quickly. I feel that for normal difficulty, that it should be a little slower to make normal a bit more fair, as we were constantly having to replenish them afer a small trip.

The next thing i think would make a good addition to the game is something about swimming. Ok so me and my freind are playing on xbox, and when we are going in the water, it feels a bit awkward trying to stay on the surface to not drown. I feel a good fix to this would be to have it so if you hold the jump button, you will stay at, or float up to the surface this would really make that specific part of the game less awkward to control.

The final thing that i feel should be updated is when you sleep, your hunger and thirst goes down to a bit below half. This itself isn't much of an issue but it is a little annoying, the real issue is upon doing this, all of your food spoils, I do feel like this should be changed as it feels like there is no point to stock piling food because it will just spoil. A good way to fix this would be to add a visible timer in the inventory screen showing how long it would be until your food spoils, and when that timer runs out then the food spoils, having the food spoil instantly just feels a bit pointless.

I hope my feedback was helpful and im excited to see where this game is headed

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