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Can't log in to Xbox Live

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Hello there!

So i just bought Grounded today and after some issues with my firewall i finally managed to get to the main menu of the game. but when i tried to click on multiplayer so i can start a world with my friend the game told me i had to log into my Xobx Live account. I entered my email and password, entered the authenticator code, after this the game changed to a loading screen that said 'Logging in'. After about 1-2 minutes of loading it went back to the main menu but for some reason i was still offline (in the top right corner it said OfflineUser). I tried to log in multiple times but every time i would load for a minute or 2 and then it went back to the main menu.

I tried disabling my firewall and antivirus but that made no difference. Someone told me to add Grounded to 'My Games' in the Xbox Companion Console but i couldn't find any of my installed  Steam games there so that didn't work out either. i also tried re-installing the game and verifying the game files in steam but that did nothing.

Does anyone here have the same problem as me or does anyone know how i can fix this?


Thanks in Advance!

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