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Basic Armor Glue

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The amount of Mite fuzz is kinda excessive considering some armors require mite fuzz to make. I actually find it more convenient to make super armor glue than armor glue because berries are readily available and webs are also easy to come across. Where as mites are not necessarily "common" and dont really give you that much in comparison to how much berry chunks you get or the around 9 web you get over destroyed web. I feel like an armor glue logically/realistically would be a lot of sap and maybe a piece for specific armor like ant part+ sap to repair ant armor, spider part + sap to repair spider armor etc. Or to keep it generalized I could also see just making it like 6 sap & 4 cloverleaf because realistically I feel like all you actually need is sap because it dries and hardens to re bind your armor, but for something to replace mite fuzz why not make it something more readily available considering it's already a hassle to get the armor in the first place & now repairing armor is slightly more difficult/ tedious than getting the ingredients to create it in the first place. 

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