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Mosquito Hunter BURG-L mission??? Also ant eggs...

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As far as I am aware, mosquitoes are not an enemy (yet), but BURG-L has given me a mission to kill a few. Are they just exceedingly rare, or is the mission not intended to be available yet? Either way, something needs to be fixed, whether it be spawn rates or mission availability. Also, I have had a problem getting ant eggs to spawn, and I need to analyze one for a different BURG-L mission. I have tried killing all ants in the colony and waiting a day or two, and also killing as many ants as possible outside of the colony, and then checking. I have done this for over an in-game week with no luck, and I do not know if the spawns are bugged, or if there is some condition to make them spawn that I haven't figured out. Any information on this would be appreciated.

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