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Menus, controls and suggestions

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The controls are friendly but there are some things that can be improved, I suggest making the D-pad forma moving in the ítem menu like un Don't Starve games, that will make more easy and friendly to handle de inventory, using the pad for emojis por actions is of no use, you can put that menus pushing one  of the sticks.

Other thing is the crafting menu is a little slow having tu use back button, maybe a quick acces to the craft men will make more friendly the carfting parte of the game, for example sometimes you most craft an item un a hurry like a torch por a weapon, so making the menu reachable while moving will be very usefull.

Maybe traping afids forma making farms so you can make your  supplies of food like the mushroom farm the game have, of course since is a survival game, those farms aren't safe from a ladybug attack.

Maybe some abilities for each character  that make them better in  some task like figthing, hunting, harvesting, something like that.

I think the clean water was a pretty cool touch, searching for it on the grass.

Bosses will be cool, there is a lot of species to choose for. 

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