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rotten bee armor glitch

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Try either of the following:

Place different armour onto the stand. This may cause the invisible Bee pieces to appear in your inventory

Scrap the stand. This will cause the Bee pieces to fall to the ground with the other materials from the stand.

I've had this bug twice. The first time, the first method worked, and the second i had to use the second method. But both times i got the armour back.

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Just wanted to add,

I've had my ant armor and my ladybug armor disappear off of the dummy's and can't find them. (i'll try your two ideas Ironthumbs)

I've also had the acorn armor disappear from the dummy but replicate in my inventory, so I somehow duped it

I also noticed one of my 6 weapons I had on display in my base disappeared when I logged in today, after playing and sleeping a couple of times, 4 weapons had disappeared.

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13 hours ago, Trailblazer74 said:

I tried Ironthumbs idea of recycling the dummy and got my ladybug armor back, thanks

Awesome man, glad it worked! I went back into the ant hill after the patch and found another set of the Bee Armor. Not sure if it's supposed to respawn or if it was a side effect of the patch but cool either way if you want more than one set in your game.

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