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Falling through the world upon joining game.

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My girlfriend and I are experiencing a weird bug on PC.  First off after attacking and killing a wolf spider she was poisoned, she healed with a first aid bandage back to full health and continued to have the green poison aura around her screen.  She tried relogging to see if it would disappear and now everytime she tries to join our game, her character falls through the world.  She's tried fully closing out the game and reinstalling and it still happens.  Thanks in advance. 

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Are you having this issue when logging out in your house Shadxw? Or is it out in the world? We came up with a temporary fix  for it, if your playing with other people, have someone guide you to the door and as soon as you exit the house, your screen should fix.  It may look like your constantly falling but the other people can see you moving around.  Hope this helps!

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My friend has this issue when connecting to my hosted game. I have never had the issue so it seems client side. Also it has only been happening since he quit the game whilst standing in/on our base. We have now tried quitting whilst on solid ground to test.

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