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  1. Can we please get attachment points on the walls for spike traps? I have issues with wolf spiders who jump up on my 3 section high walls and "glitch" (kind of) onto/into my base. It would be really awesome to be able to attach the spike traps on the walls. Just having like a bottom/middle/top horizontal attachment point would be awesome. Make my base more defended from wolf spiders. Thank you!
  2. Trying to build base walls and a couple doors with grass. When i try fitting a door (grass) it crashes the game. Happened 3 times in 20 minutes
  3. 2nd level of base, shooting wolf spider with arrows. It moves half of its body length and loses aggro, refilling health. Impossible to kill. Also ran into a quantity issue with spiders. In one corner of map had 5 orb weavers and 3 bombardier... ridiculous.
  4. A temp fix I've found is this, as soon as you load in, look up and jump. Hope it gets fixed
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