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Future Update/DLC?

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Too early for dlcs but hey, it's a suggestion for the future. Let's get inside that house, fight some roaches, ants, flys, rats and run away from cats and or dogs. Get inside little cracks to create a base or even cabinets. You could use grappling hooks/climbing picks to get up high places but there is still danger up above with the insects and rats. Maybe even ziplines.
Pick up little crackers or chips for food. Pretty much left over food that dropped to survive. 

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i would like to see a little bit a terraforming ability in the future.  to be able to move small mounds of dirt and such so you could make it easier to build but in the event worms and other burrowing kritters are introduced  well it could be nice 5to be able to fill in holes with the mounds you need to remove...

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