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Wall not flush with floor after loading back in

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So, I have this building, where the floor was not placed as a rock would show through it, so I decided to go around it for the bottom floor. On the next floor I decided to go over this area with a floor and not follow the walls below. When I did this the floors below did not show through the floor, however, when I opened up from the save file. This changed andnow it shows through the floor.

Please watch the video to see how it shows through the floor now, where prior to loading the game, it was fine and looked like all the other walls below.



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I noticed this last night. There is a fix in the current version without using resources.

If you deploy a blueprint over the top (I used stairs) it will squash the wall back down and then you can recycle the blueprint before building. Agree that it needs to be fixed though.

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