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Game crashed. Lost all of my gear twice

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My game has crashed twice during a multiplayer game. Both times loosing all of my gear. The first was loosing 12 hours of hard work. Almost had some of the best gear.. Just to loose everything. When i rejoined my friends game, instead of loading in my character it makes me a whole new character and i lost everything... No backpack on the ground.. Nothing... I went to try and remake the gear and then the game crashed again.. Wasting all of our materials... Please fix server load for items. If You expect to have so much grass everywhere, you should of planned to have servers that could handle the amount of items that are laying on the ground... Please this is such a good game. And i understand its early release. I figured any feedback is good feedback. Keep up the good work.

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On 8/14/2020 at 5:59 PM, tecknotot said:

Yeah it happened to me before too but I learned to make a chest for myself and put everything valuable in it even before quitting just in case when I join my backpack is empty.

This is the workaround to do for sure. Creating a container with your valuable and then saving the game would be a good idea too. Make sure the host is saving the game periodically so that you can simply reload a recent save point if this happens again. 

A patch will be released to fix this in the future. We have to be patient as the developers know about this issue amongst many others. 

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