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Quality of life fixes

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As I’ve played the game I’ve run into a few things that would slow down my game a tad, or relatively would make me say “well this is taking longer than it should.” And I figured I’d post a few things here that I think would really improve the game on a seamed level.  Granted, some of these features might be in the game and I have simply missed them. If that’s the case please inform me of my ignorance!


1. the containers need both a quick stack feature for moving things quickly into containers, and a quick take to remove them from said storage containers. I can only seem to add one item at a time, or have to drag and drop a stack into containers rather than a simple button click to take and leave items.  

2. Dropping stacked items would be nice. When choosing to drop things I can only seem to drop a single item at a time. There is a feature for destroying stacked items, so why not for dropping them?


3. Using the smoothie maker can be a tad encumbering, having to drag a stack into a slot to drop an item into it then the stack resets to its original position in The inventory. I would enjoy an ability to quick process items into the smoothie menu. 

thanks for taking the time to read this!

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On PC, you can simply highlight a stack in your inventory and press 'R' to move the whole stack to the container and vice versa, so I'm certain there is a similar function for controller, though I don't know what button it is by default. 

When dropping a stack, you can right-click on it to bring up a small dropdown menu which will let you drop 1, drop stack, trash 1, or trash stack. Again, not sure about the keybinds on controller.

Hope this helped

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14 hours ago, ScritchOwl said:

Augspacussh lower option is present on the Xbox as well

I didn't mean to imply that these options weren't on Xbox as well as PC. My apologies if that's what you got from my post.

I meant to say that I don't know the keybind for it on controller.

I also didn't realize the original post is a year old. For some reason I thought it was posted in July 2021, not July 2020 lol

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