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So I'm going to start a new hard game and finally try to finish the damn game after not playing a while! I've settle one rogue and I'm going to be using all story companions because hirelings are boring and too easy! My must haves are grieving mother cause cipher is just too good for a rogue. Durance cause priests are just good no matter what, even though his dex makes me cry. Pallegina because her raw tanking ability and her just all around great healing and abilities are hard for me to ignore!


I can't decide my last 2 spots though. I need another frontliner at least and 1 backliner. I have kind of decided against kana because while dragon thrashed is amazing I don't feel his abilities are as useful for rogue and it's just a boring class in general for me. So now I am trying to decide between eder or the monk and barb for tanky frontliner. Eder is always good in every playthrough I've done. His ability to engage lots of enemies and knockdowns are very useful. He also can do solid dps while being tanky as hell! I never played a monk because I have never really liked the aesthetics in most rpgs but I hear they are amazing. How would he compare to eder? Same with barb I never play with one but she seems only useful if I want to doe AoE frontline damage which is what kana would have done.

Last spot I can't decide sagani or aloth. Wizards are always annoying for me because I usually either have too many spells saved up or use too many. They obviously have tooons of options that synergize with a rogue but I always feel annoyed bringing one along. Lastly sagani has 2 hobbles per round to help my rogue and pet to run interference and rush to help my rogue if needed. I know wizard is objectively better but would it be better for a build around my rogue per say?

Forgot to add my rogue is dual sabre so perhaps that would help you guys decide better.

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I took a rogue who was an Island Aumauna 4 weapon gunner.  He had Durance and Mother join him like you did.  In front was Eder, Maneha, and Zahua.  I made Zahua into a threat eliminator.  He had fast speed and disables.  If the enemies AI happens to try to prevent him from eliminating their threats by bursting him down then it just gives him more wounds.  I never felt like I understood how best to use Maneha.  Eder I didn't give him more engagement but just made him a tank who kills things.  Can't remember exactly what I did with all of these.

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