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Request - Add customizable HUD/UI

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Based on the demo playthrough...

 For such a beautiful looking game, there would be one request...

  • Allow us to turn off parts of HUD and prompt-UI

1) Once I’m use to the resources in the world’s environment, I don’t need a giant hand and button prompt telling me how to pick something up. Really immersion breaking seeing all the popup UI elements anytime I camera pan over things. 

Solution: Allow settings to turn off environment UI prompts

2) The SCAB is supposed to be ‘90s sifi watch, yet the HUD in the lower left corner looks like a Crayon art project. I get the art style overall, and like it...but something about my ‘cool’ watch loses it’s appeal looking at that HUD of the SCAB. Maybe more techie looking and add the time into the SCAB HUD, not have it be another radial wheel menu toggle.

3)  On controller The Hotbar, action bar...the HUD at the bottom...serves no purpose like a actual action bar. You can’t swap weapons without using the Radial menu popup, you can’t ‘hot’ swap to action bar slot 3 for example...so what’s the purpose of the hotbar? Did I miss a setting that allows you to swap to items in the hotbar? Solution: Allow me to map left/right Dpad to move across Hotbar

4) I guess, to maximize immersion, just let me turn off all HUD elements. Hotbar is pointless and other than SCAB(which i addressed above), I don’t really need the HUD.

Again...beautiful game, great concept, just for me...HUD needs work.

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8 hours ago, cherry-wave said:

You can set buttons for every hotbar slot but I guess this is very impractical for controller^^

The hotbar is useless on the intended platform, which is console.

No idea how this was overlooked.

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