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[PC, MP] Clock Frozen | MSQ reset(?) Tree Lab door relocked.

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Hello Obsidian,

I'm loving your new game so far. My save however, is probably in a irreparable state.

I am not expecting a fix, just a head up that something funky happened.

The clock in my game has frozen at 9D 16H 54M and will no longer advance. Unfortunately, I'm not sure exactly when this issue started.

Another issue on this save, is the door to the Tree Lab is locked and will not open. I'm not sure if this related or not. I was able to jump on the roots and enter the tree lab via the underground tunnel and speak with Burg.L. He unconscious as if it was my first time seeing him again. The door remained locked even when approaching from the inside. The light/lever puzzle was reset, and I was able to pick up the BTU 01 and 02 tapes again, now having two copies of each in my inventory.

I wish I could provide more feedback on how this happened, but I can't say for certain when the issue began. I returned to my base and was going to wait til night to reset the day, but night never came.

Things I've tried:

  • Reloading Save
  • Restarting Game
  • Loading save into Single Player
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Same happened to me pretty far into the game. Clock stopped at 14:35, lab door now locked. Started again, this time I can't collect gnat fuzz to craft gear. I tried Giving Up, reloading the save, reloading earlier saves that same day. Day before saves, the clock worked so I ended up redoing everything (which was a lot). What I did differently was place my respawn on top of the baseball, only thing I can think I might have done differently. This time I put my respawn on a rock, now I can't collect gnats. Not sure if that's enough to mess up the game this badly though.  Not sure I have it in me to do this all over again. It's fun, but not THAT fun.

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