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Just a couple Quality of Life suggestions, I know I've seen a master thread trying to do this, but all it devolved into was "i agree" not a clean thread at all.

1.  When equipping armor, the armor takes up an inventory slot still, this should not be the case.

2. When transferring items from inventory to storage, a move stack option would be nice.

Bugs/unintended exploits

1.  When on top of the mysterious machine, you can stand in the middle and range attack larva and other ground based mobs and have no threat of being attacked by them.

2. Gotten stuck in grass blades and Clovers a few times.  Seemed like a geography glitch more than anything.

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2 hours ago, vegitus said:

1.  When equipping armor, the armor takes up an inventory slot still, this should not be the case.


Probably my biggest gripe is with the tutorial flow: I completely forgot about the Analyzing mechanic.

I went on a wild goose chase for the woven fiber; going through 2 full days searching for the material (which of course, can't be found--you have to analyze Plant Fiber).

I'd love a tutorial prompt to revisit the analyzer before the first day is over, such as when it recharges. 

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I have a few proposition

1. Tame ladybugs and/or spiders and ride them to move quicker

2. I played Grounded for 3 hours so i didn't finish the game (and don't know all the content) but create leaves parachutes to survive high jump when activate

3. Carry allies on your back when they need help

4. Befriend ants and be able to go in their colony without being attack (when friend with the colony)

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1. Add more Varity of mobs (ie. Beetles, Bees, Scorpions, etc)

2. Add a level/exp point systems with talents (ie. accuracy for bows/range attacks, strength for melee, harvest rates, etc)

3. Allow taming of mobs and possibly riding for transport of cargo.

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