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Any Dedicated servers?

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Don’t think so. This isn’t a game like Ark or Conan Exiles with 50+ players on a server.

It’s a co-op, 4 player max game where one person ‘hosts’ a game for their friends to join.

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Sure is something to be said for a online experience with other players running around, agree.

From what we saw in the demo, I would say this game isn’t setup for a 50+ server environment. The map is too small and the biomes are scaled for a few players running around, not 50. Meaning, there isnt alot of dead space for running around from area to area. Like Dayz, the running sim, you have tons of dead space between main poi.

I see this game filling some playtime between major survival games.

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48 minutes ago, Tarambana said:

I play with my kid, I want the dedicated so we can play when we are not together, and have one progress in the story.


the way it is now, I can play in his world, or he can play in mine.

This 100%! I absolutely HATE the current system! It makes me want to quit and say goodbye!

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