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Please Add Keyboard & Mouse support for Grounded on Xbox

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Please add keyboard & mouse Support for Ground on Xbox, if it's not already implanted. With there being Full keyboard & Mouse support on Xbox there really shouldn't be any reason why this game shouldn't have keyboard & mouse support allowing gamers on Xbox to have the option play using a Controller or keyboard & mouse . Gamers such as myself want to see more games taking advantage of the support by Devs adding the feature into there games for Xbox , just as they have support on Xbox Game pass Ultimate on PC every title that's on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that has keyboard & mouse support on PC should have the same for the game titles on XBOX. 


OBSIDIAN and every other games studio within Microsoft Studios should make sure to use every feature possible ( if the game allows it ) if the game is able to run on PC & utilize keyboard & mouse then they should do the same on Xbox , Especially when the game title isn't a Online multiplayer title. 


But that aside keep up the great work OBSIDIAN looking forward to playing Grounded & seeing everything else to come from this studio in the future 

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Keyboard and Mouse menu's are in the game on xbox and the keys can be remapped and work in game. 

Mouse sense can be adjusted in keyboard binding menu, but the mouse doesn't actually function. 

So as they are already there how difficult is it really to activate them?   



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I would really love it if they add full keyboard and mouse support. Same problem happens in The Outer Worlds where only keyboard works perfectly fine but mouse input doesn’t. Please Obsidian!

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