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  1. in my online Multiple match I host my Ant tunnel where eggs spawn , there's no Eggs & no worker ants AT ALL its only soldier Ants . Then to top it off I have HUNDERDS Of Larva running around , I killed off a HUGE majority of them in a tunnel but they've returned in even more numbers but all over the map now ill get swarmed by 15 or so at a time in spots .... and I can't even get Eggs in order to make bombs to try to kill them off . I'm slowly working on trying to kill the mass amount of soldiers that are in the ant hill & swarming the egg nesting spot . I've looked around the map &
  2. Please add keyboard & mouse Support for Ground on Xbox, if it's not already implanted. With there being Full keyboard & Mouse support on Xbox there really shouldn't be any reason why this game shouldn't have keyboard & mouse support allowing gamers on Xbox to have the option play using a Controller or keyboard & mouse . Gamers such as myself want to see more games taking advantage of the support by Devs adding the feature into there games for Xbox , just as they have support on Xbox Game pass Ultimate on PC every title that's on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that has keyboard & m
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