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What does a monk even use his Wounds on? Most good offensive abilities use Mortifications

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I find that with my single-class DPS monk, my entire strategy is to use the max-level zipping around ability over and over, and if there are still guys left, blow up everybody with the Resonance ability. Torment's Reach isn't even a Full attack, and does +25% damage over a regular melee hit, so unless I'm trying to CC people behind someone, it's barely worth it.

If you multiclass a monk, and he doesn't even have access to Whispers of the Wind, do you pretty much have to spend Wounds on defensive abilities?

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You are in the wrong subforum. This one is for PoE. You are describing a monk from Deadfire. I would suggest to move the question there in order to get more fitting answers. 

A Deadfire Monk who doesn't want to use Force of Anguish and/or Torment's Reach can make good use of wounds with Thunderous Blows, Clarity of Agony, Blade Turning, The Long Pain or Instruments of Pain, Skyward Kick, Resonant Touch and Whispers of the Wind. 

Skyward Kick has the big advantage that there is no immunity vs. the "kick up" effect. Enemies can be immune to push and interrupt but that doesn't help against the Skyward Kick (also see Fighter's Mule Kick). So it's a good ability to have when meeting such enemies. 

Or the monk just holds on to the wounds for the maximum Turning Wheel/Iron Wheel bonus.


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