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Using more than one drug at a time?



Hey everyone,

is it intended behavior that e.g. Tara Turu Chew and Whiteleaf cancel each other out? I.e. as soon as I consume Whiteleaf after having consumed Tara Turu Chew beforehand, Tara Turu Chew is simply removed from the active effects - or vice verca. I did not find anything on that in the in-game help or a quick search. I have the latest patch.

Thanks for your help.

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On 5/14/2020 at 9:39 AM, AeonsLegend said:

It's for balance reasons

Sure, seems only reasonable. I would have liked it though, had the developers put some hint at that anywhere in the game. It looked like a bug to me at first glance and still seems quite counterintuitive. "Graying out" the drugs' items or such would have been a clearer solution than just plainly "overwriting" the effects. Oh well, not a big issue at the end of the day, really.

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