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DLC issue on Mac makes it impossible to play

Emmanuel Chevrier


Dear Obsidian team,

I am a big fan of all your games but I am feeling cheated right now. I purchased Pillars Of Eternity 2 in January 2020 on the App Store for €54,99 and noticed that all the DLCs (beast of winter, seeker/slayer/ and forgotten sanctum) were installed (which for the price paid was understandable).

I roamed the open world (reason I play Obsidian) freely and it was not possible for me to tell whether I was playing the main quest or a specificities DLC. I saved my games regularly.

I tried to play today and all the DLCs are missing. 30 of my 35 saves are not loadable and unusable. Only the very early saves are playable. 

When I click on the DLC icons it goes to a website https://www.paradoxplaza.com/ where I can download DLCs for POE1 only.

Do I need to pay extra to be able to play again?



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I am having this same issue. I am surprised there is no response to this post since the forums say this issue has been ongoing for players. 

This is My only day off in months and I want to play POE2, but I am now dealing with this crap. Literally played last night for the first time in months and woke up to missing DLCs. 

Obsidian how can I get this fixed ASAP before I decide to read a book instead? 

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Both of you have this issue on a mac? Sorry to say that the game is no longer in support. There might be someone else with a similar issue here that had a solution for you to find. It does sound like a really bad bug, so perhaps Obsidian can help. They don't frequent this board much anymore I'm afraid.

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