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[bug?] Issues when trying to consume potions

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I'm trying the mega-boss battles, but I have noticed that my main tanks are having problems with the healing potions. Once the waiting action ends the animation of drinking the potions occur. But, after that there is nothing in the logs suggesting that they were interrupted or consumed at all. The number of potions on the quick slot is unchanged and of course the curative effect didn't take place.

Is there any known restriction for drinking potions? Such as they don't work if chanter's healing chant or lay on hand is in action?

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5 minutes ago, Karanith said:

It's a bug. Turning character's AI off helps.

  I had the most basic IA   (just attack)  but  I'll try by fulling it disable it.   But man... those type of bugs can destroy my estimation for Obsidian 😢

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