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Yeah, there's an ability Woedica_Soul_Power

"By your hand, souls dedicated to Woedica were empowered by the ancient Engwithan machine in Burial Isle."

It is used in four Progression Tables, with the note "Reactivity - Woedica Soul-Power":
(As expected, the ability is only granted if the global variable n_Ending is equal to 5, that is to say you empowered woedica.)


The characters that use these tables are Inquisitor Lödwyn (CHA_27_PW_Inquisitor) and Steel Garrote Initiates (CHA_27_PW_Steel_Garrote_Initiate)

Basically if you empower Woedica, encounters vs. the Steel Garrote will be harder, but sadly won't affect the Player.


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I thought so too. I decided to made a mod that gives the ability to the player if they empowered Woedica:


There are two downloads, the main version which grants the ability only to Steel Garrote & Priest of Woedica players/party members, and the alternative version which grants the ability to the Watcher even if they didn't pick Steel Garrote/Priest of Woedica.

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