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Crashes on ps4 pro



It really is unbelievable how often  the game crashes, even with the 1.04 patch. Haven't played a game this buggy and technically bad in the last two decades! Shame on you dev!


patch 1.04 made it so I could finally enchant stuff. But now the game crashes ALWAYS in Tikawara; just walking around or in any conversation... really pisses me of!



now the whole game won’t start anymore....

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In such situations, I usually:

1. Restart the game.

2. I restart the ps4.

3. I reinstall the game, deleting all the game data and all the saves.

4. I log out of all accounts and log in again. Even if these steps do not help me, I am already turning to those who can solve this problem. My friend fixes my console, but it doesn't always work out.

Plus, you can always contact support or write a report about violations in the game to the game manufacturers. I had some problems with different games like FIFA 21 and Red Dead redemption. But points 3 and 4 helped. Now I play sports games only. I even found MADDEN 21 COINS FOR SALE.

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