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In this game the rule of thumb is that passive things stack and active things do not stack. Passive is everything on the right side of the skill tree (except chants) and passive bonusses from equipment. Active is everything on the left side of the skill tree and everything that you use (potions, scrolls, per rest/encounter abilities from equipment).

What about conditional effects on equipment? Things like:

- effect xy happens when your char gets bloodied ( 1x per encounter)

- effect xy happens when you hit/engage/being hit (there are effects that can happen once while others can add or lose stacks of an effect).

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Passive. Stuff like deflection bonus from duskfall , mask of weyc, bonuses from magistrate cudgel(deliberations), acute from that FS ring etc all stacks( I didn't test everything). If you don't have to turn it on manually its passive. Maybe there are some that won't stack.

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