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Spiritshift outside of combat/unlimited during combat

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(Updated 24-Feb-2020)


Have been looking at the characters.gamedatabundle and discovered that it is possible to make spiritshift essentially unlimited, and also to make it useable outside of combat. It’s possible many of you know this already?


1.       Open characters.gamedatabundle in PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\gamedata

2.       Ctrl-F find DebugName":"Spiritshift_Bear","ID":"0db41697-d8b9-49fa-b31e-67eb9c3a9693

3.       There is a line of code, "IsCombatOnly":"true”    Change this to "IsCombatOnly":"false"

4.       This makes spiritshift available outside of combat.

5.       Then there is a line of code just after this "DurationOverride"                   make  this "DurationOverride":9999999

6.       This makes the duration of the spiritshift essentially unlimited. You could input any number you wish. It also works for turn-based mode.


If you remain in your spiritshifted form then when you enter a new area, you can walk around as a werewolf or werestag etc. but not in combat pose, rather just in normal pose, which is cool. There is something awesome about walking around town as a giant were-stag... like a Watcher Baphomet... or a big bad wolf... :)


I'll try to get this presentable as a mod. This would be ideal for multiclass druid-monk or caster class, as you can cast spells whilst spiritshifted.


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