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Minor Mod: Improved Single Classes, Stacking Modals

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These are two fairly minor mods. The first provides a small boost to single class barbarians, chanters, ciphers, fighters, paladins, rangers and rogues. They really don't seem to offer enough in return for going single class, particularly because they have only a small increase in resources for their class, as compared to getting an entire set of resources for a second class. I personally prefer the extra variety of multi-class characters, but the gap seems pretty excessive.  

So far as I could tell, the only reasonable way to add a bonus to single class characters was to add an ability with a conditional preventing it from being added to a character if they have any of the other classes. There does not seem to be a flag to check if a character is single class. This mod may run into compatibility issues with other mods that add to the ability stringtable and happen to use numbers from 10300-10400.




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