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How to see spells/abilities duration and all interesting details during fight ?

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If i remember properly, in POE 1, we had all the information concerning a spell or an ability during a fight in the wheel, but in Deadfire we don't have access to the more important informations (duration/Number of turns, how much time it take to launch, etc)... It is like if we fight blinded...
Is it possible to change this ?

From what i have seen, the maximum info i can have is the description of the spell, and the defense (if spell is vs reflex/fortitude, etc)...

I would like to have all the spell or ability information (the more info the better), but i haven't found how.
I am playing on PS4, may someone help please ?

Pillars of Eternity PS4 - RPG fan - Native language French, so please forgive my poor English speaking ...

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