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Missing strings



Today, I noticed some missing strings in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. When I went to Arkemyr's Mansion for the first time and was sneaking through the laboratories level, I was spotted by one of the imps, prompting a conversation. The odd thing was that while in the conversation screen, it said something like "MissingName" (I can't remember the exact line). But when I entered combat, the proper name for the imp was indeed hovering above it.

Then I noticed that, in the character reputation screen, something similar had happened. A few of the conversation options that had changed character reputation were not there, such as one saying: *Missing String 11* on something my character had said to Serafen. And between Edér and Xoti and vice versa there were some that just read [Temp].

Any idea what has caused this? The oddest part is that I can't remember ever noticing any of it until today, and I've been playing for 88 hours. Relatively recently I installed two mods, could that have caused it? One increased the level cap and one unlocked the 9th power level for multiclasses at level 19. I also read that clicking the "Refresh" button in the built-in mod manager in the main menu can mess with things.

I tried verifying local files with Steam, didn't change anything. The only problem appears to be missing strings, and so far in very few places, but it's still odd and annoying. I'm mostly worried that my save files are somehow corrupted, and yet they load and play perfectly fine.

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