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How can I get cards from my cards list to my deck?




my cards list present to me all cards I "own" (according to game explanation text). Whenever I am forced to sacrifice cards, I'd wish smb could tell me how to get that card back. At least I am supposed to own that cards, why is it not obvious how to get them back to the deck?!


PS: Imho: Errors and bugs (like purchased cards "lost" while entering subway) due to connectionloss are avoidable and should be fixed once and for all

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Those card Are included in the random deck that it put together to each location. Every location is build by puttin together 10 random cards and those random card come from the pool of you owned cards affected by card level, locations own deck building rules etc.

This is card based rpg. You character get levels, upgrade his skills, you collect loot and may upgrade your deck while you play. So you can not get big level items, Until later in your adwenture!

if you want to know more read rules of original tabletop edition!


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