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So I know you can no longer use Wild Barrage and then switch weapons. Does anyone know if you can put Kitchen Stove in my offhand and for example Eccea's Arcane Blaster in my main hand and take advantage of Wild Barrage/Fractured Bullet? Also is it confirmed that attack bounces trigger multiple Imbue spells for Arcane Archers? And while on the subject of Arcane Archer are you able to increase the penetration of their spells without taking a caster class?

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Didn't test it so I don't know about your first question (blaster + wild barrage) - but it is confirmed that all projectile  jumps trigger an additional instance of all imbue effects. 

The Penetration of the imbue effects shouldn't even rise with a caster class. If so that would surprise me big time. The shot itself scales its PEN normally but the spell effects do not.

You can only alter the PEN of the spell effects with stuff like a Tenacious inspiration or Cipher's Driving Echoes etc.

Or you use the mod that I linked in my signature. It scales the imbue effect's PEN with your Arcana skill. The mod did some conservative and reasonable balancing on several abilites (no OP stuff) and it also includes unique icons for all passive abilities (in vanilla they are all the same in many cases). But the mod is made in a way that you can even only use the Arcane Archer fix and use nothing else.

PS: It's not me who did the mod but itv was a collaborative community effort of this forum. I only created the icons for the passive abilities.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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