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Opinions on following weapons : Ngati's Tusk, Blade of the Endless Paths, Effort

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I was reviewing the list of 2-handers and I noticed 3 weapons I didn't pay much attention before.

- Effort : This thing seems to be the 2-handed version of Stalker's Patience. Which is good since I remember Stalker's Patience being able to deal more than 45% (+INT) of its base damages with its 3 ticks.

- Blade of the Endless Path : This one requires forgetting about WotEP, but it comes with faster recovery, stacking accuracy over time, and potentially accuracy debuff on crit. 
Does anybody knows how the stacking accuracy over time works with weapon swapping ? I guess it should only scale when the weapon is wielded and should not apply to other weapons, but I hope it isn't reset when BotEP is swapped (since I'm thinking about it for a Black Jacket build...)
Does the Deflection debuff stack with similar effect such as flanking ? This seems lke a good option for party support.

- Ngati's Tusk may have an aura that debuff ennemies secondary defenses (up to -9 for 20 survival according to wiki). Just wow... if it stacks with similar effect.
It seems like it could have great potential to support Crowd Control or Aoe spells.

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Effort: raw lash is good - but it doesn't stack like Bleeding Cuts do. Therefore not as good as it seems. During multiple tests with several two handed weapons on several different chars it didn't perform too well (e.g. compared to Willbreaker, Oathbreaker, Amra etc.). It's my go-to weapon for a Vengeful-Defeat Barb and sometimes on a wizard for his phantoms or for Shroud of the Phantasm. The additional attack on k.o. is fun and also works on summons.

BotEP: good

Ngati's Tusk: nice but too late for me to build a char around pikes. Unfortunately the other unique pikes on the way are not too exciting unless you build a char who can reliably get a plant or beast effect for unlocking Lord of the Forest on Lance of the Midwood Stag. Like a Barb/Druid for example. 

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