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Companion quests

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Yes. Just just have to swap them in and out of your party.

Some companion quests can take a really long time and don't have special quest points but require you to spend time with the party member (see Durance and also Grieving Mother).

For Edér and Aloth: you can simply follow the questline (mostly Defiance Bay), complete their quests and then swap them out for other companions once you are finished. Kana's quest is easy to solve as well. It's in the Endless Paths only.

Hiravias, Maneha, Zahua, Devil, Sagani have quests that are spread out a bit more and reach into the late game. But it's no problem to put them into the stronghold while you do other party members' quests and pick them up later to finish their quests. The quests will not fail if you swap them out temporarily.

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