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Hello my friends.


I wanna return to play deadfire TB 5.0 with cipher/bloodmage solo.

My main problem is the heal part (because blood sacrifice).

I remember that was a cape that can heal you insted of dmg you (cant remember exacly the  name)  when the dmg is fire..

Can i cast Soul Ignition on myself ?

Does is heal (burn dmg) ?

If it is, its can upscale to more then one turn?


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Ciphers can rarely cast any of their spells (even the buffs) on themselves, and I doubt you can even cast Soul Ignition on allies. You wouldn't want to outside shenanigans like the one you have in mind, so the game won't let you.

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Its name is Rekvu's Scorched Cloak and it heals you from fire dmg as long as you have 1 injury (e.g. a Severe Burn).

Cipher has no means of hitting themselves with a fire spell. As Bloodmage it's easy to deal burn damage to yourself with several fire spells that do friendly fire (e.g. Wall of Flame or Fireball).

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