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Can you play Pillars of Eternity Complete Edition offline on consoles?

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I bought PoE Complete Edition on Xbox One X, but I don't have internet in my area so I play offline games unless I go to a friend's house. I started up the game and was ready to finally try this game out and upon selecting "new game" it starts to load then goes back to the main menu where it says something like "Failed to fetch legal documents, please make sure you are connected to the internet". I thought maybe I just had to start it up online, I even made a Paradox account, but after returning home it did the same thing again and again. I do have my Xbox One X set as "home Xbox", so that's not the problem. I can play all my other games just fine, just not this one.

I thought this was a single player RPG, why are you forced with online verification or whatever this is. If there is any way to fix this to play offline for console, I would appreciate the help.

Any suggestions or fixes?

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7 hours ago, Boeroer said:

I guess it only has to connect once to verify your copy and afer that you could play offline. Just a guess though. On PC you don't have to be connected in order to play. 

I don't think so, I did go online again and even made a Paradox account thinking that would fix it.

When I went back offline it still wouldn't work. It says "failed to fetch legal documents" and something about connecting to the internet.


How do I contact a developer?

I need to find out why this is a thing in the first place and how to get past it. I shouldn't need internet to play a single player offline game.

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