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PSA: Recruiting Vicar max, later

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This will be spoiler city, so please stop reading if you haven't finished Edgewater.


First I recruited Parvati, then done the Vicar Max quest, very early in my adventures there. Vicar Max, during his recruitment dialog, seemed to imply that he wanted to replace Parvati. I thought it was some of the shenanigans we were going through early game, take off with the ship and you'll get storage, and maybe other things like 2 companions. He then said something like "OK, I'll be waiting for you at the ship", or "on the ship", I don't remember. I then went on and spent a few hours righting wrongs in Edgewater.


Then I get onto the ship and take off, but Max is nowhere to be found. Hmmm. Maybe I misunderstood about him waiting on the ship? I went back to Edgewater and here he is, in his "church". I engage in conversation, no recruitment option. Again, no recruitment. Again, just a "kthxby" from him, nothing else, I thought I had lost him forever. I went out, then tried again, and bingo, "can I come with you pretty please"? Yesss! :)


So, in short, if you think you have lost him, don't despair, start a conversation with him like 4-5 times, and you will get the recruitment question. Maybe getting out of the church for a second helped as well.



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The Vicar has always been reported as glitchy.  I have had him join my party directly from the church even though he is suppose to go to the ship, I have also had him disappear of the ship only to show up in his church in Edgewater as mentioned.  I have also had him perform as he stated he would and found him on the ship.  One time I couldn't find him at all after giving him the book until I went to the GroundBreaker where he suddenly appeared at my side talking about the terminal in the security section.  I do think the patches helped as I haven't seen any other companion issues crop up.  I am curious if this happened before or after the last patch?

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16 hours ago, Ommamar said:

I have also had him perform as he stated he would and found him on the ship.

Thanks for confirming that I didn't dream this one :). When I did not find him on the ship I had a facepalm moment, how could he climb on the ship without me letting him in, duh, plus I have my trusty ADA totally watching my back, so it looked more or less logical.


16 hours ago, Ommamar said:

I am curious if this happened before or after the last patch?

I don't remember when the patch was. I posted this right after it happened. And IIRC it all happened within the same day, I don't remember seeing any patching between Max telling me "see you aboard the ship" and me gaining access to it.

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