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I am toying with a character planner but it's not easy when you're not sure how things work at higher levels.


I am planning a long-range shooter character, with Sneak and Engineering. I am not sure I can rely on my companions for my preferred skills, I mean I won't go fetch one with Hacking or Lockpicking when I need it in the field.

How much of a bonus can I plan on having at higher levels from a piece of armor or my companions?


I might use one for Engineering, since I suppose that the high-level stuff can be crafted at a workbench having called in the proper toon, but I don't know how far I can raise their skills to be useful. Are there some mods or tinkers that would require a certain skill level in Engineering?


Also, concerning Lockpicking, right now at level 6 I've only seen two types of locks: either below my skill that don't require even spending one lockpicking kit, or one a few levels higher that require two or more. Is it the same at higher levels, i.e. higher level one simply requiring to spend more kits? Or will I encounter for example locks that I won't be able to pick no matter the amount of items used?


Concerning hacking, I've already seen one that was greyed out until I put in the points to raise it to 30, so I wonder what's the highest level needed? I am not very impressed with the bonuses one gets from raising the skill, so I wouldn't mind not wasting my points here either.




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Lock picking and hacking really only make things easier or give access to more loot that is nice to have but not necessary. I have run into keys and terminals that required a skill level of a hundred, the most points I have seen given from items and companions was 25 so to be able to pick the mentioned items you would need a base skill of 75 then have the armor and companion with you.  There was always another path to take to complete the objective or get to the area although it is usually longer often times with a touch mob to overcome.

I was disappointed in engineering as it didn't seem to add much of anything to the game.

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