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SSS - What's the fastest way to get to the fight Beasts of the Slayer: Tactical Ogres?

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You have to take the path of the slaying face, then get the fitting artifact and then beat the challenge. Since it's high level stuff you can't do it too early. Here's a walkthrough: https://www.neoseeker.com/pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire-seeker-slayer-survivor/tasks/Hunts

If you want it very early because you find it especially fitting for a character of yours you can open up any savegame, activate cheats, give it to a character via console

<open console>
iroll20s <enter>
<open console>
	giveitem LAX01_Hide_Armor_Soulbound_Changelings_Mantle <enter>

then export that character (he's what you would call a mule). Then start a new game and at some point recruit that mule in a tavern. Take away that item and discard the mule. More complicated than simply cheating with the console like above, but that way you can still gain Blessing points and other achievements with that new game.

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