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Post in the correct area please!


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Hello all,


I've just seen a few people who are posting suggestions for NWN 2 in this area. This specific forum is for general suggestions to Obsidian about game ideas and what you like in games.


If you have something specific to post, please post it in the NWN II - Suggestions forum. That's where it belongs, so that's where you should post it. Same thing with KotOR II...KotOR II suggestions go in the KotOR II - Suggestions forum.


I mean, seriously, folks...how hard can it be to scroll down? Heck, when you're posting in this specific forum it even says:


Suggestions Forum


This forum is for posting suggestions, questions or comments about our website, forums, or games you'd like to see. To make a suggestion about one of our games currently in development, please post in the respective Suggestions forum for the game in question. Thanks!


So let's all try to be more observant and read the screen every once in a while, m'kay?


My apologies if I sound like an @$$, it is not my intention to be one.

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